CANADIAN 100% RAW Executive and Committee Members


​Canadian President and Executive Chairman


Herb has been a successful competitor and promoter in the Worlds of Powerlifting, Fighting and Strongman for over 35 years. He got his start at the age of 12, buying his first set of Weider plastic weights, a bar and bench. He eventually welded a custom squat rack, dip and lat machine, t-bar row and weight rack which are still in use in his basement gym. He spent nearly five years as a member of Calgary’s famous BJ’S Gym, meeting and training with wrestlers, powerlifters, strongmen and fighters. At the age of fifteen after getting beat up badly, Herb privately trained in boxing and since then enjoys punching things. Herb placed top three, at the invite only, Calgary’s Toughest Calgarian, setting a record with a 48 foot shot (16 lb steel shot). Herb is proud to be the first Canadian to achieve a World Record in the strict curl. Herb has held National and World records. Herb became the 100% RAW Chairman nearly ten years ago. His most cherished feat as a powerlifter was squatting 315 lbs thirty five times (wrapped knees). Enjoyed calf raises with over 1000 lbs, cheat curling 225 lbs and military pressing 145 lbs 50 times. Like his hero Mr. Joe Stockinger, Herb will be lifting until the day he dies.


Canadian Vice-President  and Executive Co-Chairman


Mike Proskow began his career in Powerlifting in early 2012 right after volunteering at a meet where he met Herb Veckenstedt who brought him into the 100% RAW family. Since that day he has been hooked on powerlifting. As a Black Belt Karate Instructor with nearly 30 years of experience, he had hung up his belt and played around in the gym without really lifting to his potential. Powerlifting and Martial Arts are more alike than they are not. Both require severe self discipline and intense focus in order to get better. As well, you constantly compete against yourself and also end up humbled by the weight yet you come back time and again to conquer what, before, was seemingly unconquerable. Powerlifting has been a fantastic beginning to a new chapter in his life.


Committee Member Operations


Kathleen grew up on a farm where strength training was achieved through doing chores. She played a few sports through elementary school.

Kathleen started regular strength training in 2013, then at the suggestion of her coach, moved more into powerlifting in 2014.  She finally took the plunge to compete in the fall of 2016 where she became hooked on competing. Finally finding a group where she feels that she truly belongs, Kathleen has immersed herself fully in the federation hoping to help grow the sport!


Committee Member Operations


Jordie has been involved in the fitness community for over 30 years. Starting his career in the Canadian Military, Jordie has earn several certifications in nutrition, CrossFit, Kettlebells and powerlifting.Jordie is currently the owner of a Garage Box called Ricochet Fitness, Strength and Fitness Coach with Heroic Athletics.

Jordie has competed several times over the years, and each year brings in youth athletes to try their hand at powerlifting.  He is committed to helping the organization grow and expand across Canada.


Executive Member Promotion

Hi. I’m Alex Saretsky and beside me is my biggest supporter, fan and wife Courtney Saretsky. We are excited to be part of the 100% RAW Powerlifting Executive and are looking forward to help guide 100% RAW into bigger and better places helping as many lifters as we can along the way. Powerlifting has been a passion of mine for over 8 years now and it allowed me to achieve some amazing things and meet a lot of amazing people. I am grateful for my powerlifting team and establishing many National and World records. A tremendous excitement has been helping members of my gym reach their goals and conquer some dreams. You can find me most days at my gym One For All Fitness and the values I believe in and instil in my gym community are ones I have learned from powerlifting. There is always room to cheer on one another and your only real obstacle is yourself. 100% RAW is a large community and my wife and I are looking forward to helping the community to grow and thrive.


Executive Member Administration

Hi, I’m Barrett. I’m the guy whose laugh you will hear from across the room (I sincerely believe that you have to have fun every single day). I grew up in a small community in New Brunswick.  I was involved in many sports growing up but it was in middle school when my Dad bought me an old York Universal that started my love for weight training. I studied Kinesiology at the University of New Brunswick. Studying the Human Body has always been a passion of mine. Applying that knowledge and practising the theories I have learned has taught me many valuable lessons that have carried me, not only to my physical training but into my daily life as well.  Most notably, I have utilized Hard Work, Focus, Patience, Consistency, Overcoming Adversity, and Self Confidence. Physical fitness can be a very powerful teacher if you pay attention.  I have worked with a wide variety of clientele including people who have suffered from traumatic injuries and needed to restore basic function; to World Championship athletes in numerous sports.  My speciality is strength and power sport development (currently the Head Coach for Team Barbarian Powerlifting) as well as being a Sport Nutrition Specialist.


Executive Member Social Media

7 years ago I stepped outside of my comfort zone, moved to an unfamiliar city and decided to try something strange, and wouldn’t you know it, I fell in love! I have spent 5 years specifically training in the sport of powerlifting and integrating myself into the 100% Raw Powerlifting community. The confidence that came from strength training was instrumental in my decision to pursue physical fitness as part of my career path so that I could inspire and encourage positive change, not only in the physical sense, but in mental health as well. I have had the great pleasure of witnessing firsthand the rise in female strength athletes in my community and am continuously inspired by my peers in the Raw PL Family.


Committee Member Live Streaming and Multi Media

In the spring of 2016, starting out with nothing but a cell phone on a tri-pod and utilizing Facebook Live, Ryan Epp streamed the first of his live pool webcasts.  Shortly after he founded Cue Sports Live to stream pool tournaments from across Canada and the USA to the world. Since then he founded REPP Entertainment and now streams not only pool tournaments,  but other live entertainment events such as concerts and powelifting. Ryan will bring his extensive experience in to maintaining 100% RAW's You Tube channel and all of our livestreaming requirements.