CANADIAN 100% RAW Executive


​Canadian President and Chairman


Herb has been a successful competitor and promotor in the Worlds of Powerlifting, Fighting and Strongman for over 35 years. He got his start at the age of 12, buying his first set of Weider plastic weights, a bar and bench. He eventually welded a custom squat rack, dip and lat machine, t-bar row and weight rack which are still in use in his basement. He spent a nearly five years as a member of Calgary’s famous BJ’S Gym, meeting and training with wrestlers, powerlifters, strongmen and fighters. At the age of fifteen after getting beat up badly, Herb trained in boxing and since then enjoys punching things. Herb placed top three, at the invite only, Calgary’s Toughest Calgarian, setting a record with a 48 foot shot (16lb steel shot). Herb is proud to be the first Canadian to achieve a World Record in the strict curl. He has held numerous National records. Herb became the 100% RAW Chairman nearly ten years ago after meeting his good buddy Adam Price. He is now a Director of the newly formed World Powerlifting Federation which 100% RAW was a co-founder. His most cherished feat as a powerlifter was squatting 315 lbs thirty five times. Enjoyed calf raises with over 1000 lbs, cheat curling 225 lbs and military pressing 145 lbs 50 times. Like his hero Mr. Joe Stockinger, Herb will be lifting until the day he dies.

Canadian Vice-President,  Chair and Executive


Mike Proskow began his career in Powerlifting in early 2012 right after volunteering at a meet where he met Herb Veckenstedt who brought him into the 100% RAW family. Since that day he has been hooked on powerlifting. As a Black Belt Karate Instructor with nearly 30 years of experience, he had hung up his belt and played around in the gym without really lifting to his potential. Powerlifting and Martial Arts are more alike than they are not. Both require severe self discipline and intense focus in order to get better. As well, you constantly compete against yourself and also end up humbled by the weight yet you come back time and again to conquer what, before, was seemingly unconquerable. Powerlifting has been a fantastic beginning to a new chapter in his life.

Canadian Chair, Executive and General Manager


Kathleen grew up on a farm where strength training was achieved through doing chores. She played a few sports through elementary school.

Kathleen started regular strength training in 2013, then at the suggestion of her coach, moved more into powerlifting in 2014.  She finally took the plunge to compete in the fall of 2016 where she became hooked on competing. Finally finding a group where she feels that she truly belongs, Kathleen has immersed herself fully in the federation hoping to help grow the sport!

Canadian Chair, Executive and General Manager


Jordie has been involved in the fitness community for over 30 years. Starting his career in the Canadian Military, Jordie has earn several certifications in nutrition, CrossFit, Kettlebells and powerlifting.Jordie is currently the owner of a Garage Box called Ricochet Fitness, Strength and Fitness Coach with Heroic Athletics.

Jordie has competed several times over the years, and each year brings in youth athletes to try their hand at powerlifting.  He is committed to helping the organization grow and expand across Canada.

Canadian Executive


Megan is what you'd call a firecracker! Ever hear the saying, great things come in small packages? Well that's her, but great and FEISTY! She was always involved in high school sports, her favorite was Rugby (of course) but never had a true passion for fitness until after she had her baby boy in 2014! She's been powerlifting competitively for the last year, and fell in love with the sport the second she decided to step outside the box and compete! Megan was a sponsored athlete on the 100% Raw Powerlifting team at World Championships in 2016. Despite injuries and an exhausting weight cut, she took home silver in the 60kg women's open. Megan has since then spent every free moment in the gym working hard to get stronger, while also hoping to motivate and inspire other women around the world to follow suit! She hopes to continue breaking records, setting new goals and meeting fellow athletes for years to come.

Canadian Executive


Barrett never got his bio to me in time so I'm going to fill it in for him.

Barrett is a kind soul, who loves nude fly fishing and creating bead art from old pop can tabs and pony hair.  In his spare time he can be found re-reading the Twilight series of books and is secretly on Team Edward (even though he tells everyone publicly he's on Team Jacob to sound cool).  


He's having a hard time right now because a 12 year old boy yelled at him though his headset while playing a co-op mission in Fortnight.  He's not really good at the game and really only plays it to learn the dance moves.  We're all pulling together to help him through this troubling and painful time.